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Give It Some Welly...

...which is hardly what I've been doing these last few weeks as far as my pub blogging is concerned...

...but never mind, all good things come to those who wait (well here's another blog post anyway....)

Well...are you...?
This intriguing Greene King poster caught my eye, though I have to admit it might not have been during this latest pub visit (it could have been the last pub visited? See 'factory reset' issue below).  I tried to find out a little bit more about the Black Baron and Greene King's website suggested that I click on their Seasonal Ale Calendar to find out more.  When I did I got a white page with a bit of computer programming text that said 'Access Denied' - so I'm none the wiser...

Street Corner Character...

This visit was to the Wellington Arms, 56 Park Road, Southampton.  Whatpub says that it's a Star (Heineken) owned pub and dates from the 1860s.  Though it's earlier name of The Swan has changed, the pub certainly retains its traditional residential street corner location and pub character.

Symphony in lilac...
They don't make window frames, glazing and tiled friezes like that anymore.  Though the paintwork, which appeared to be possibly deep purple, or even brownish, on the previous photos - seems now to be lilac on closer inspection...

Proper darts cabinet...
The traditional character continues inside with two rooms (to the right and left) off the doorway entrance area, and the central double sided bar opening into both rooms.  Bench seating, proper tables and chairs, beige decor, patterned carpet and dartboard - it's all there...

Noblewomen's toilet door not shown...
 ...and even special toilets for noblemen...

Party Seven in cask (better than trying to open the can and spraying it all over the kitchen ceiling (or is it...?)
Ok - lets get to the bar, and in case you were wondering about the significance of that GK poster, (as I still am) - don't -  it's not GK beer here.  In fact a rather impressive choice is available...though those two spare hand pumps could do with GK IPA and Abbott on them (only joking...)

Other bar beers...
...and there are some more in the other room on the other side of the bar.

Happy beer...
I'd like to tell you what beer I had but, in the ensuing weeks of blogging inactivity since this visit, my phone crashed and needed a factory reset so I lost my notes and can only rely on an unreliable memory and the set of photos in the 'Wellington Arms' album on Google photos (that'll teach me).  

It definitely wasn't the Party Seven (anyone who experienced that beer in the 70s would be put off just by the name, even if the beer is different), but it might have been the Dartmoor Legend.  Anyway, my son Martin looks happy - so it must have been good.

...or door to the cellar...?
...and look at that bit of quality upcycling of an old door....

The Wellington Arms is an excellent  traditional pub - still full of old pubby character with plenty of beer choice... to boot (see what I did there...)

...definitely worth giving it a visit (if not some welly)...

Beer Mat Moment

Titanic Brewery Stout - A side.

Titanic Brewery Stout - B side


  1. "When I did I got a white page with a bit of computer programming text that said 'Access Denied' - so I'm none the wiser..."

    I got the same.

    "seems now to be lilac on closer inspection."

    I rely on my better half to tell me the proper term for colours. ;)

    "beige decor"

    Did you get confirmation on using beige? :)

    "...and even special toilets for noblemen..."

    Or possibly good 'ol boys from the South (US, not UK).

    "it's not GK beer here"

    Not sure why they have that poster then.

    "my phone crashed and needed a factory reset"

    Ouch! That explains quite a bit. :(

    "Anyway, my son Martin looks happy - so it must have been good."

    A sound deduction. :)

    "...and look at that bit of quality upcycling of an old door...."

    That's actually not a bad idea.

    "with plenty of beer choice... to boot (see what I did there...)"

    Yes... (groan). Oh and it proves it's you. :)

    (and this is me ignoring the groaner that followed)

    Oh, and good to have you back! (thumbs up)


    PS - "Though it's earlier name"

    I was a bit leery that it might not really be you; but the extraneous apostrophe cleared up any doubts. :)

    "Ok - lets get to the bar"

    If you can expand lets to 'let us' and it makes sense, then the apostrophe is appropriate.
    (i.e. talking about more than one person)

  2. I'll start with your 'PS' as apostrophes will always have a place in my heart...

    The 'it's' apostrophe should have been on the 'lets' - so that's ok - paraphrasing my favourite Eric Morecambe line (again) "all the right apostrophes, but not necessarily in the right place".

    "Did you get confirmation on using beige? :)"

    Definitely - used the Dulux paint colour chart to verify that... ;)

    "Or possibly good 'ol boys from the South (US, not UK)."

    Now that would be a hazzard... (is that more groaning I hear...)

    Cheers Russ

    1. LOL, I was going to say something along the lines of the right amount of apostrophes but the wrong place myself. :)

      Got a chuckle out of the Dulux remark. I can picture you have paint swatches on you as you visit pubs.

      And yes, most definitely a groan for that final remark. :)


  3. I've not seen that Beermat before so top work. Looks like a classic pub...I don't know a lot about Southampton but this blog is doing a good job of selling it to me as there appears to be plenty of proper pubbery on show. Your lad looks happy, but then again why wouldn't he with a decent pint in front of him!
    Britain Beermat

  4. Cheers Britain Beermat. Yes - this pub would compare very well with those top notch ones you so often blog about in the West Midlands :)

  5. Keep them coming!!!
    Britain Beermat

  6. Citra August 2019 at 07:15

    Good to see the pub has kept up the same values as when I visited two and a half years ago, I think it was the longstanding landlords last week then. Lovely pub.


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